Recirculating Systems: Maintenance


The water tank should be checked weekly and topped off. Do not add water while the unit is on since water will continue to drip from the planter and cause overflow. Wait one hour after the pump cycle or when all water has drained from the felt planter. Tank draining and water replacement is recommended every 4 to 6 months to prevent salt buildup from fertilizers.

Recirulating System Maintenance



  • Observe the plants
  • Notice if plants look wilted
  • Or if they have faded leaves
  • Or show rotting bases or browned leaves
  • Also notice if they have new buds or have made new roots



  • Top off water tank. Do not add water while pump is running.
  • Add plant food to the tank (1/4 tsp Maxsea)


Monthly Tasks:

  • Notice plant health and adjust water timing if necessary
  • Remove dead leaves
  • Remove dead plants and replace


Every 3 Months:

  • Empty tanks and replace water
  • Clean pump and check water flow


Tip: Use your E-Calendar

  • Add these events to your electronic calendar and use the repeated events feature with reminders.
  • Copy and paste this info for each frequency listed.