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Each member of our family will be contributing to our Blog giving you three different perspectives on Living walls.  Have a good time reading our exciting facts and stories!

Living Wall Qualities

Written by Rowan, Age 11 & Toby

July 18th, 2015

There are lots of different qualities to living walls.  You get clean air, you actually grow your own air because the plants breathe out oxygen. You also have very pretty plants or flowers so it makes it feel tropical like you are in Costa Rica, Belize or Hawaii. In the winter our living wall makes it feel warm and summery inside. The last quality I have is one of my favorites, designing your own wall, you can be creative, you can do shapes and sometimes letters. Some people think this is not a quality (like my mom) but to me it is!



Our Living wall brings life, color and food into our home.  I love the serenity I feel when near it, there is something about being close to nature that is calming.  I can’t see it cleaning our air but I know my family is living in the healthiest environment that is possible, with our wall removing toxins and providing clean air for us to breathe.  Anyone can grow a living wall, no matter how old or young you are, or where you live.  Living walls have no Boundaries!



! Living Walls !

Written by Rowan, Age 11

June 19th, 2015

What are living walls?


Many people ask me this question. The name explains it though. They are plants in florafelt pockets or other materials. We put different types of plants in them, and then we let them grow.


You can put living walls outside or inside. If you put them outside, you can take them in for the winter. If they are inside, they just stay inside all year round.


How are living walls made?


They are made by sticking florafelt pockets on a wall and then putting plants in them. It is very easy to do, and you can do it yourself. You can have your own watering system set for the time you would like. For our living wall at home, we usually do 15 minutes of water circulation per day. Nutrients are also needed. You can buy them at the store and put them in your water for your plants. Then there are building materials. You need florafelt or a different material to build your wall. You use screws and hammers to attach the florafelt to the wall, and you need wires to attach the watering system.




You can create a lot of different designs: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, squares, circles, and sometimes you can even do letters, if the wall is big enough. The wall can be as big or as small as you want it. You can do custom designs.




The benefits are great! You get clean air from the plants because they absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Living walls add greenery and beauty when there is snow outside, which in Edmonton is half the year. They are just pretty to look at.




You can get all different types of lighting that fits your lifestyle and your wall. You can have a timer on the lights, or just turn them on. In my house, we have magenta lights and they are very bright. Sometimes in winter, I think it’s summer because of how bright the lights are.


There are many benefits and options to living walls. They are very nice and there are a lot of different things you can do with them. They give you fresh air and the feeling of being in a tropical area. Lots of people have questions, and I hope I answered some of yours.


If you want a living wall, go to Edmonton Living Walls. They give you the option of custom and make-your-own living walls. And let me tell you, making your own is very fun!