In 2015  I  did a major renovation to our home, while researching design ideas we discovered living walls. As long time gardeners and plant lovers we believed in the benefits of having a living wall in our home.


After many Google searches and inquiries at local greenhouses, we were only able to attain one quote for our living wall and the quote was much more than we had budgeted for. Since Dave is a General Contractor, Journeyman Carpenter and has a background in architectural design we decided to design and build our own living wall.


After more Google searches we discovered the Florafelt Vertical Garden Systems. We used Florafelt in our designs and now enjoy the benefits of two living walls in our home, a 6' wide by 8' tall custom wall which uses the Florafelt Pro system and a Florafelt 8 Pocket Vertical Garden 12” wide by 62” tall.


We were impressed with the ease of use and quality of the Floraelt Systems, so we took the next step and are now Distributers of Florafelt Vertical Garden Systems.

OUR living wall

"Stained glass"


The inspiration for the floral design of our custom wall came from the two stained glass windows in our Craftsman style home. The whole family participated in coming up with the final design.


Once we had the design we needed plants. We made a few trips to different greenhouses until we found the perfect combination of plants for our stained glass pattern. We planted our wall in February 2015, it was -10 Celsius outside (brrr!) but the perfect temperature inside for creating our living wall.


This whole process was great family time and fun!


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Residential Living Wall in Edmonton, Alberta. Designed and built by Living Walls Edmonton

OUR WALL brings greenery,

beauty, and clean air

into our home and lives every day.