Living Walls Edmonton draws inspiration from landscaping, architecture and interior design to find innovative ways of greening the space around us. A living wall brings vibrant new life to spaces, but their benefits don't end there.

Living walls act as a natural air filter, purifying polluted air then releasing clean oxygen, improving air quality - you actually grow your own air.


A symbol of eco-friendliness, a living wall can help you promote your green image.


Plant leaves reflect and absorb acoustic energy, dampening sound and echoes and reducing noise pollution.


A Living Wall can turn any dull or dreary room into an inviting environment, reducing stress, increasing comfort and psychological wellbeing.


We offer Living Wall options for everyone:

standalone units

everything needed for the “do it yourselfer

or if you prefer we provide custom design and installation.

We believe that Living Walls should be attainable for every home and business.